Client Focus

Deeply invested client relationships—this is what sets Secrest Blakey & Associates apart. We begin the planning process with a conversation. We listen to you—your strengths, your aspirations, and your concerns. Then, we share ideas and strategies for realizing your goals, and collaborate to build your financial plan. Lasting client relationships are a result of mutual trust, which begins with authentic communication. As a firm that cherishes intentional relationships, Secrest Blakey & Associates never forgets that first step—we never stop listening to you.

Team Focus

Weigh the possibility of lessening your financial stress. Consider meeting a financial advisor that wants you to succeed. Consult a team that makes financial planning accessible and understandable. The members of Secrest Blakey & Associates make financial planning personal, professional, and client-focused—everyday.

james blakey


Senior Partner CFP® EA, - oversees every aspect of the financial planning process at the Davidson Office. In collaboration with his team, James aids clients in understanding financial complexities, advises clients during life altering events, and supports clients' efforts to plan for the future.


ed secrest


Durham Office Senior Partner CFP®, - oversees every aspect of the financial planning process at the Durham Office. He collaborates with his team to help clients design, implement and manage the financial details of their life.


keith stabasefski


Associate Portfolio Manager, CFP® EA, - supports the investment management process by researching and analyzing investment options available for consideration in client portfolios. Keith looks beyond existing investments, in search of options that might be particularly suitable for individual client portfolios.


William Bissett


Senior Financial Planner CFP®, – 15 years in private wealth management as a financial planner. Owing to his experience in technology companies William has become known for developing solutions around illiquid assets – either small businesses, commercial real estate, or illiquid angel/VC investments. William is known for his innovative approach to helping families, investors and entrepreneurs navigate the growing complexity in estate and tax planning, investments, and insurance in a fee-only capacity. He’s been published in numerous journals and popular media and was named a 2016 40 Under 40 by an industry leading publication – InvestmentNews.

beth bowkerBETH BOWKER

Executive Assistant of Client Services, - handles transfers, deposits, and all other account transactions. Beth looks beyond account numbers to see the individual clients; with her in-depth knowledge of the clientele, Beth offers immediate assistance to clients. 




The collective team at Secrest Blakey & Associates offers you more experience, more knowledge, and more resources. At Secrest Blakey & Associates, you will find:

> Certified Financial Planners ®
> Investment Advisor Representatives
> Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioners
> General Securities Representatives
> Licensed Life Health Disability Agents
> Variable Contracts Limited Representative
> Licensed Real Estate Agents

Secrest Blakey & Associates’ vast range of experience allows us to support every aspect of your financial life, such that when you plan with us, you can feel confident that you are being cared for. Learn more about our approach, and see how we can help you create a more rewarding life.