Investment Management

Our CFPs® work towards creating portfolios that are well diversified, containing sets of low-correlated investments. We believe in this portfolio style and its potential to generate the most attractive, risk-adjusted returns, while reducing poor performance from any single position.

To find the best portfolio for each client, we begin with a broad discussion to understand the individual's circumstances, including tax situation, investment priorities, level of investment knowledge, time frame for investments, risk tolerance and return objectives.

Once we know both our client and their investment style, we start reviewing the suitability of different asset classes and combinations. We try to define the most realistic outcomes, considering a client's assets and income requirements.

Should our portfolio design match the individual, we converse with clients on a monthly and quarterly basis—through meetings or phone conferences—to monitor our investment goals and allocations, as they may change over the course of the client's life. Constant collaboration and dedication from our team helps to ensure that each client's investment objectives are met.