Life Events

At Secrest Blakey & Associates, we specialize in helping clients deal with life altering events. Our services usually begin with a question from our clients.


"Would a career change affect my retirement savings?"

“Does my will avoid taxes or probate?”

"Can I afford to send my kids to college?"

"Why do my stock options increase my taxes?"

"If my mother gets sick, what are the associated costs?"

"Do I still need these old insurance policies?"

"Is Medicare supplemental insurance something I should consider?"

"Would refinancing my mortgage be a good decision?"

"What is open enrollment and what enrollment options are right for me?"

 "I have a new job offer. What considerations should I be thinking about?"

"What is the best way to gift money to my children?"

"I'm thinking about purchasing a vacation home, is that fit into my finical plan?"

"Should I adjust my savings contributions based on stock market returns?"

"What is a fair way to split the family inheritance?"

 "I'm filing for divorce, how will this affect my finances?"

"What kind of account do I use to save for my daughter's wedding?"

"My husband left his 401K to me, what do I do with it?"

"Should I pay cash or finance a new car purchase?"

"My 80 year old father is getting remarried, how do I protect him and his money?"

At Secrest Blakey & Associates, we’ve learned there’s more to a question than just the question itself. Thus, we give more than just a yes or no answer. With each client, we help address the financial impact of change, whether now is the right time for change, what unforeseen consequences change may bring, and how change will affect your relationship with the world. From answering these questions, we hope to eliminate worry by painting a complete financial picture.