Building Your Financial Portfolio

At Secrest Blakey & Associates, a financial plan is a combination of quantitative financial analysis and personal attention from experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER's TM. Some clients choose comprehensive financial plans, in which we set financial goals that touch on all aspects of life. Others choose more concentrated plans that focus on one financial aspect, like retirement. Clients have the freedom to move between planning styles, choosing a plan that works best for them.

Investment Management/Portfolio Allocation

Our CFPs ® manage investments according to clients' individual risk tolerance and preference. Dialoging directly and consistently with clients, our CFPs ® seek the investment strategy that best aligns with the individual's goals.

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Retirement Planning

We believe that retirement planning requires a comprehensive plan, one that continues to help clients manage their finances well into the retirement stage.

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Cash Flow / Budget Analysis

To better understand the longevity of your wealth, our CFPs ® evaluate your current budget patterns and the effectiveness of those patterns against the changing economic environment.

Income Tax Analysis

By analyzing clients' income tax, our CFPs® help clients gage their tax situation and try to reduce their tax obligation.

Education Funding

The value of an education is hard to exact; still, our CFPs ® will help you calculate tuition and build that goal into your portfolio.

Insurancce / Risk Management

Our CFPs® manage risk by identifying and quantifying the potential loss of a given investment, and make decisions according to the client's individual risk tolerance and investment goals.

Estate Plannng

An ongoing process through which our CFPs® manage client assets, helping to maximize estate value while trying to minimize uncertainty.

The initial minimum investment for advisory services is $200,000. Our Investment Management Fees are:

o 1.2% for assets below $500,000
o 1.0% for assets between $500,000 - $1,000,000
o 0.8% for assets above $1,000,000