Navigate Retirement

At Secrest Blakey & Associates, we know that retirement is more than just saving money. The process requires retirees to look at family relationships, to assess their health, and to seek alternative sources of income. Retirement is a phase that involves new tax planning and budgeting strategies. At Secrest Blakey & Associates, our financial planning services cover all of the components of retirement.

Estimated Tax Payment Planning

There are significant differences between the management of taxes during your working years and during your retired years. With Estimated Tax Payment Planning, we assist clients in planning for the different tax obligations, and lessen the complexity of entering new phase of life.

Required Minimum Distribution Planning

Retirement plan participants and IRA owners are responsible for annually withdrawing the correct amount of Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from their account; missing the deadline results in stiff penalties. With Required Minimum Distribution Planning, our CFPs® work with you to calculate the annual RMD, and to ensure the RMD is withdrawn in the appropriate calendar year.

Roth Conversion Planning

Our CFPs® help clients calculate the value of Roth Conversions to fully maximize the rate within their current tax bracket. The needs based planning and tax analysis that are required in Roth Conversions make us uniquely suited to help clients, and, if appropriate, we recommend Roth Conversion Planning as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Retiree Health Insurance Planning

As you approach retirement, it is important to consider how this milestone will affect your health insurance coverage. Health insurance coverage choices made during retirement must be evaluated every year, and Retiree Health Insurance Planning is an effective way to analyze benefits versus costs.

Low Cost Basis Property Planning

With any investment, the favored outcome is to buy low and sell high. In light of capital gains tax, we help clients enhance their realized profit when the opportunity to sell high presents itself.

Gifting Plans

Gifting does not have to be a stressful decision. With our Gifting Plans, we help you give in ways that do not jeopardize your individual financial goals. When carefully planned, gifting to loved ones or charity can become a heart-warming decision.

Social Security Planning

Social Security Planning takes into account the complexities of the system and applies them to each client-specific circumstance.